Procedures are the pillar for a successful execution of an organization’s strategy, and Policies play a key role in supporting the process.
Policies and Procedures focus on the management and the direction of people.
HR Works will help you develop, communicate and enforce policies and procedures. We work in many different industries and have templates of all different policies. We help mold your policies to fit your work environment. Then assist in communicating the policy and procedure. As no one likes change, we assist in communicating them in a positive, proactive manner. Let our experience in this area make these transitions easier for you and your employees.

Everything from, but not limited to:

  • Dress Code
  • Social Media
  • Internet Use
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Time Off Policy
  • Requesting Time Off
  • Leave of Absence Attendance
  • Overtime
  • Emergency Closing
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Prohibition
  • Anti-Harassment Policy Workplace
  • Violence Policy

Our team will ensure the updates are communicated clearly, and we will promote what is great about working with your company.