Develop clear and precise documentation with straightforward language.

HR Works will help you create and improve the official papers that your company needs to run effectively. HR Works can customize the templates we have, or we can create exactly what you need. We can help you with Job Descriptions, Employee Reviews, Attendance Policies, Time Off Policies, and Request Off Forms… just to name a few. Starting with our template will save you time and money.

Job Descriptions – Work with employees/management team to develop Job Descriptions to include essential job duties to determine proper classification (exempt vs nonexempt).
Employee Reviews – develop and implement process; work with management team to produce effective employee reviews.  Train, coach, sit with managers to ensure proper delivery.
Attendance Policy – HR Works would initially be responsible for contacting supervisors of employees who violate attendance policy, prepare documentation and ensure communication with employee.
Time Off Policy – assist in establishing requests for time off and tracking process; holding employees accountable for their time off.
Leave of Absence Policy – develop forms for requests and documentation.