HR Works will help you improve your Payroll process, and we are available to assist you with weekly payroll processing.

Payroll Administration improvements will result in a savings.  Updating the weekly payroll process will reduce errors and save you staff time each week. Our team will assist with streamlining the time tracking, processing, automation, and report generation for Accounting. We will learn your payroll process, understand your payroll needs, and if needed we will implement the most practical payroll system. HR Works will import the data, and beta test the new process with no interruption to your weekly payroll. Then, once the new payroll process is ready we will train and support your staff during the transition.

Payroll Administration – HR Works will learn and understand current payroll process to assist with determining best practices and time efficiency.

Research 3rd party payroll systems – to determine if a good fit to streamline time tracking, automation and submission; import of time for payroll processing; report generation for accounting.